Question.  Who can apply?
Answer.  If you are between age of 18 to 64 years and a resident of Pakistan, you can apply for the insurance cover for yourself and your spouse and all dependent children between the ages of 03 month sup-to 25 years for dependent Son, no age limit for unmarried/dependent daughter. You need to fill our application for man 3d disclose health history of all the persons who are applying for cover. You can cover yourself and your family through different options as under:
  • Self only.
  • Self, spouse (wife/husband) without any children.
  • Self and all dependent children.
  • Self, spouse (wife/husband) with out any children.
  • Self and all dependent children.
  • Self and dependent parents.
(Coverage of adult dependent children (18 years & above) is subject to Signing declaration for above).