Question.  Why Travel insurance?
Answer.  People travel around the world for pleasure, study purposes and for exploring the world. Everyone wants his/her trip perfect and memorable. Uncertainty is everywhere, during travel you may suffer medical emergency and unexpected events like loss of passport, medical expenses and hospitalization abroad that disturb your trip financially. However if you have our travel insurance policy then you need not to worry, you will be compensated according to the policy terms and conditions.

Question.  Is travel insurance compulsory?
Answer.  Travel insurance is compulsory for all Schengen countries and countries like Turkey and Ukraine. Travel insurance is a basic requirement for the application of Schengen visa. Travel insurance is also beneficial for individual or family who travel abroad.

Question.  Can I change my trip details after issuance of travel policy?
Answer.  Yes you can contact on our number and our representative will assist you accordingly

Question.  If I face any medical emergencies abroad who can I contact?
Answer.  You can contact on the numbers mentioned on your travel policy.

Question.  Is my travel insurance policy is refundable?
Answer.  If your Visa application is rejected from embassy then you can refund your travel policy by providing us rejection letter issued from concern Embassy.

Question.   I purchased travel insurance but embassy issued me Visa of future dates so can I change my travelling dates?
Answer.  Yes you can change the date of the travel insurance policy before the start of policy period.

Question.   Can I use my travel insurance policy for the treatment of any existing disease abroad?
Answer.  Travel insurance only covers unexpected loss or unexpected event. Preexisting diseases are not covered in travel insurance policy.

Question.  How can I verify my policy?
Answer.  You can verify your policy through Bar code mentioned on policy and can verify through our website.