The United Insurance Co. of Pakistan Ltd. provides you Private Car Third Party Liability Insurance, mandatory by law. It insures you in case of accident to Third Party Property and Bodily Injury.


Third party liability on the insured in case of:
  1. Death or bodily injury to a third party (except for the person employed by the insured)
  2. Damage to property of a third party (except for the property held in trust or custody by the insured of a third party)
  3. The driver who is driving the motor car on the insured’s order / permission, shall be duly indemnified provided that such driver is not entitled to any other insurance policy.
  4. Indemnity to the insured even when he is driving a vehicle not belonging to him and not hired by him under a hire purchase agreement
  5. In case of death of a third party, the company will indemnify the deceased’s personal representatives in the terms of and subject to the limitations of the policy


  1. An immediate notice to the company to be issued in case of a claim arising.
  2. Written consent of the company to be obtained prior to promising, admitting or payment of any liability.
  3. In case the insured loses his original excise duty and taxation papers, he should immediate inform the company within 48 hours.
  4. Cancellation of policy by the company or the insured on a 7 days’ notice with return of premium on pro rata basis.


  1. Own damage of any kind to the insured vehicle.
  2. Medical Expenses/Accidental Injury to the driver and occupants.
  3. Any accident or injury caused/sustained outside the geographical area.
  4. Any loss occurring from radiation, nuclear fuel or weapons.
  5. Any loss occurring as a result of the insured driving under influence of liquor or drugs.
  6. Any loss occurring as a result of war & civil unrest, etc.
  7. Claim arising out of any contractual liability.
  8. Any loss occurring in case of the vehicle being driven by any person other than a driver as described in the schedule.
  9. Others- Please refer to the policy document for complete set of exclusions


Maximum Cubic Capacity Allowed 4000 CC
Maximum Sum Insured/IEV No Restriction
Vehicle Type Private
Minimum Premium Payable (0-200 CC) Rs. 1290/- (inclusive of all taxes and levies)

Cubic Capacity Gross Premium*
201-1000 CC Rs. 1000/-
1001-4000 CC As per Cubic Capacity
*Admin Surcharge and Standard Levies, Taxes and Stamp Duties be Applicable *4% Advance Tax will be applicable for a Non- Filer as per Section 236U of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001